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has appeared in a new mental health campaign video promoting 'mental fitness', as the brace for more 'truth bombs' in his follow up discussion with - due to air in just hours.  
Supporting the organisation Peak State Prince Harry told viewers: 'Peak State is striving to build a global community that understands the importance of mental fitness and feels empowered to attain it.' 
In the video, which features a number of 'everyday' people going about their lives, agen sbobet terpercaya daftar sbobet the prince is heard in a voiceover: 'Peak State aims to help people take a proactive approach to the good management of good mental health.' 
Peak State is a new social enterprise set up by two Invictus Games medallists, David Wiseman and Nathan Jones, both of whom have recovered from serious injuries sustained in service with the British military. 
It is understood that Prince Harry previously worked with the founders at HeadFIT, a campaign supporting the mental health and wellbeing of serving personnel, their families and veterans - developed in partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence.
The new organisation aims to encourage people 'to adopt mental fitness tools and techniques that were formerly considered purely for professional athletes and top executives'.     

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